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Other manifestations of this work

Basic facts


Original title
Swedish release title


Director of Photography
Film Editor


Björn Kjellman Juha
David Boati Juha som barn
Görel Crona Jenny
Johanna Mork Jenny som barn
Janina Berman Ritva
Johan Rabaeus Bengt
Karin Hagås Marianne
David Fornander Thomas
Helena Kallenbäck fru Karsk
Pia Johansson fröken
Gunilla Röör gymnastikfröken
Victor Lindfors Stefan
Ola Hedén Lennart
Rikard Lindberg Simon
Albin Holmberg Erik
Erik Bjertsjö Roger
Per Eggers grannen
Mats Bergman managern
Carl Carlswärd konferenciern
Sten Hellström stand-up komikern
Rolf Jenner stand-up komikern
Ulf von Zweigbergk ängeln


Production Company Sveriges Television AB Kanal 1

Technical specifications

Frames per second 24
Length in minutes 45 min

Original work

Original title En komikers uppväxt (Book)
Author Jonas Gardell

Release dates

TV showing 1992-09-21 Kanal 1 Sweden 45 min (del 1)
1992-09-26 Kanal 1 Sweden 45 min (repris)
1992-09-28 Kanal 1 Sweden 45 min (del 2)
1992-10-03 Kanal 1 Sweden 45 min (repris)
1992-10-05 Kanal 1 Sweden 45 min (del 3)
1992-10-10 Kanal 1 Sweden 45 min (repris)
1993-05-30 Kanal 1 Sweden (långfilmversion)
2002-04-13 SVT2 Sweden (reprisstart)
2007-12-08 SVT2 Sweden 105 min (långfilmsversion)

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