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Other manifestations of this work

Basic facts


Original title
Swedish release title
Distribution title


Director of Photography
Production Designer
Film Editor
Executive Producer


Rolf Lassgård Kurt Wallander
Marie Richardson Maja Thysell
Lars Melin Martinsson
Christer Fant Svedberg
Kerstin Andersson Lisa Holgersson
Klas Gösta Olsson Nyberg
Emy Storm Ebba
Anki Lidén Yvonne Ander
Keve Hjelm Karl Wallander
Lars Göran Lakke Magnusson Kalle Birch
Jenny Rudell Kurts dotter
Pierre Dahlander Tore Grundén
Palle Granditsky Gösta Runfeldt
Kenneth Milldoff Eskil Bengtsson
Erik Larsson Eugen Blomberg
Måns Herngren Thomas Andersson
Michael Nyqvist Bo Runfeldt


Production Company Sveriges Television AB
Danmarks Radio
Norsk Rikskringkasting
Distributor in Sweden (DVD) PAN Vision AB 2003

Technical specifications

Frames per second 24

Original work

Original title Den femte kvinnan (Novel)
Author Henning Mankell

Release dates

TV showing 2002-03-08 SVT1 Sweden 60 min
2002-03-12 SVT1 Sweden 60 min
2002-03-15 SVT1 Sweden 60 min
2002-03-19 SVT1 Sweden 60 min
2002-03-22 SVT1 Sweden 60 min
2002-03-26 SVT1 Sweden 60 min
2002-03-29 SVT1 Sweden 60 min
2002-04-02 SVT1 Sweden 60 min
DVD release 2003-06-11 Sweden

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