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Original title Tommy
Film type Feature
Category Fiction
Form Live-action
Average rating 2,46 / 5
Production country
Production company
Classification Allowed from age 15
Swedish release 2014-03-14

Plot summary

Estelle returns to Sweden to seek out her bank robbing husband Tommy's former cronies and claims that Tommy is on his way home to get his share of the take. Word spreads like wildfire ...

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Original title
Swedish release title
International title
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Production Manager
Line Producer
Director of Photography
Production Designer
Film Editor
Production Mixer
Assistant Director
First Assistant Director
Second Assistant Director
Script Supervisor
Special Effects
Story Editor
Associate Producer
Executive Producer
Production Coordinator
Location Manager
Production Assistant
Location Scout
Assistant Location Scout
Production Accountant
Film Commissioner
Post Producer
First Assistant Cameraman
Second Assistant Cameraman
Still Photographer
Steadicam Operator
Key Grip
Digital Grading
Visual Effects
Digital Technichian
Special Effects Technician
Digital media
Music Mixer
Music Producer
Music Supervisor
Music Recording Engineer
Assistant Production Designer
Matte painting
Assistant Property Master
Costume Designer
Make-up / Hair
Construction Coordinator
Costume Assistant
Assistant Film Editor
Sound Editor
Dialogue Editor
Sound Effects Editor
Re-recording Mixer
Graphic Design
Legal Advisor
Other Crew
Completion Bond


Moa Gammel Estelle
Ola Rapace Bobby
Lykke Li Zachrisson Blanca
Alexej Manvelov Matte
Johan Rabaeus Steve
Inez Bruckner Isabel
Ewa Fröling Katarina
Ingela Olsson Marianne Löfgren
Alexander Stocks Peter Juhasz
Reza Madadi Ergon
Azzan Jack Cokie
Amanda Ooms Lena
Mahmut Suvakci köksmästare
Alexander Boyea Ljung kypare
Egil Linge polisman
Ramou Jack Kady
Martin Milliarino Bobbys hantlangare
Nina Lindén Claudia
Otto Nilsson pojke i trapphus
David Mirzajani reseförsäljare
Pavel Pashnin Rickards son
Kumara Ranapura Saman
Martin Johansson man med keps
Hermes Holm Klempetsanis Bobby body double
Chris Raheria växlare
De La Vega bilförsäljare
Jonas Aleman medhjälpare till Ergon
Jacques Shahan medhjälpare till Ergon
Dimitrijevic Nebojsa Dima man i Steves gäng
Thomas Rasmussen man i Steves gäng
Tom Rehn man i Steves gäng
Pasi Haapala man i Steves gäng
Ulf Persson man i Steves gäng
Fredrik Joulamo man i Steves gäng
Ki Michael Johansson man i Steves gäng
Johan Rossi man i Bobbys gäng
David Annebro man i Bobbys gäng
Anders Adali man i Bobbys gäng
Christian Cardell man i Bobbys gäng
Rodrigo Gonzalez man i Bobbys gäng
Rechen Barawy man i Bobbys gäng
Ignacio Cisternas man i Bobbys gäng
Rodrigo Thiers man i Bobbys gäng
Dada Bozela man i Cokies gäng
Ousainou Saho man i Cokies gäng
Biram Faye man i Cokies gäng
Omar Drammeh man i Cokies gäng
Lester Dewee maskerad man
Ositadinma Osunde maskerad man
John Leonard Sondoka maskerad man
Samir Ali maskerad man
Tresor Saja maskerad man
Amando Morino maskerad man
Olof Dahlgren maskerad man
Martin Milliarino man vid Bobbys VIP-bord
Amina Milliarino kvinna vid Bobbys VIP-bord
Christer Barosen man vid Bobbys VIP-bord
Peter Hollingworth man vid Bobbys VIP-bord
Linda Anborg kvinna vid Bobbys VIP-bord
Daniel Webb man vid Bobbys VIP-bord
Angela Webb kvinna vid Bobbys VIP-bord
Linda Romanazzi dansande tjej
Margarita Maiseyenka dansande tjej
Hayat Ashkar Estelles vän på Cabrera
Marjan Mousa Shoar Estelles vän på Cabrera
Biyar Sadi Estelles vän på Cabrera
Nils Dimetri Estelles vän på Cabrera
Louise Dimetri Estelles vän på Cabrera
Ronnie Spångberg man som lyfter Estelle
Peter Andersson polis
Tony Gustavsson polis
Jonny Hallman polis
Karl-Göte Nilsson polis
Birgitta Wrede flygpersonal på Arlanda
Petter Elfving polis på Arlanda
Fredrik Sellberg polis på Arlanda
Nirmala Söderberg passkontrollant
Stina Almqvist tullpersonal
Francisca Muzamai Cokies mamma
Omar Jack Cokies son
Clara Selberg Bobbys och Claudias barn
Johan Selberg Bobbys och Claudias barn
Sutthikanchuda Phathonphubet hembiträde hos Katarina
Andreas Sandlund kund i galleriet
Erik Gustafsson trubadur
Mikhail Pashnin byggarbetare
Mher Sahakyan byggarbetare
Shkaropa Stanislav byggarbetare
Pavel Sitnikov byggarbetare
Helga Gospel kör på Hötorget
Per "Slim" Notini körledare
Jainaba Söderberg kvinna i Cokies lägenhet


Production Company Atmo Rights AB
Copyright Atmo Rights AB
Co-Production Company Sonet Film AB
Filmpool Nord AB
Film i Väst AB
The Chimney Pot AB
Dagsljus Filmequipment AB
Nordsvensk Filmunderhållning
Torden Films AS
Advance allocations Nordisk Film- & TV Fond
Stiftelsen Svenska Filminstitutet
Distributor in Sweden (DVD) SF Home Entertainment 2014
Distributor in Sweden AB Svensk Filmindustri 2014
Laboratory Stopp Stockholm Postproduction AB
Equipment LjudBang AB (Ljudutrustning)
North Star Rental (Kamera- & Ljusutrustning)
Dagsljus Filmequipment AB (Kamera- & Ljusutrustning)
Cinepro Lanka International LTD (Kamera- & Ljusutrustning, Sri Lanka)
Post Production Company The Chimney Pot AB (bild)
Ljudligan AB (ljud)
Music recorded at Nåid Studio
Special Effects Panorama Film & Teatereffekter
Graphics Layoutkungen (för- och eftertexter)
Legal Advisor Strömberg & Partners AB
Caterer Britts Corner
Åsa & Lottas Catering (Luleå)
Insurance Media Insurance Brokers ApS
Försäkringsspecialisterna i Umeå
Completion Bond European Film Bonds
Production Accountant Filmekonomi AB
Sales AB Svensk Filmindustri
AB Svensk Filmindustri
Other Company X-Level Studios (inspelning, musik)
Cambike (biltrailer)
Ljud & Bildmedia AB (kran)
Norrevent (Locationtrailers och utrustning)
Cine Location Services (produktionsservicebolag)
The Chimney Pot Warsaw (DCP-element)

Plot summary

Estelle returns to Sweden to seek out her bank robbing husband Tommy's former cronies and claims that Tommy is on his way home to get his share of the take. Word spreads like wildfire  through Stockholm's underworld. If Tommy returns, the city will explode. Tommy is about two sisters, two mothers, three daughters and their men.

Swedish censorship / rating

Certificate number 202008
Date 2014-01-24
Classification Allowed from age 15
Notes DCP.

Technical specifications

Aspect ratio 1.85:1
Width 35 mm
Frames per second 24
Length in minutes 95 min

Release dates

Release in Sweden 2014-03-14 Sweden
Festival showing 2014-02-01 Draken Göteborg Sweden 95 min 37:e Göteborg International Film Festival 2014. Avslutningsfilm.
2014-02-02 Draken Göteborg Sweden 95 min 37:e Göteborg International Film Festival 2014.
DVD release 2014-07-16 Sweden
TV showing 2016-04-09 TV4 Sweden
2018-03-29 TV4 Sweden

Soundtrack listing

Original title Animals
By Martijn Garritsen
Performed by Martin Garrix

Original title Boadicea
By Eithne Patricia Ní Bhraonáin
Roma Ryan
Nicky Ryan
Performed by Enya

Original title Champion
By Mark Myrie
Leroy Sibbles
Performed by Buju Banton

Original title Child in Time
Composer Jon Lord
Richard Blackmore
Ian Paice
Roger Glover
Ian Gillan
Performed by Deep Purple

Original title Du är den ende
Lyrics Bo Setterlind (1966)
Musical Arrangement Marcus Österdahl (1966)
Performed by Lykke Li

Original title Fire-Radio
Performed by Adrian Rooz
Alex Rios

Original title Million Voices
By Otto Jettman
Performed by Otto Knows

Original title O helga natt
Composer Adolphe Adam
Lyrics Augustin Kock
Performed by Sanna Nielsen

Original title Tears never dry
By Stephen Simmonds
Performed by Stephen Simmonds

Original title You and I know
By Daniel Wallsten
Performed by Marigold

Original title Deck the halls overture
By Frederic Sans

Original title Ding dong merrily on high
By George Ratcliffe Woodward trad

Original title I love this time of year
Composer John Cacavas
Lyrics Hal David

Original title It was love
By Dave Crimmen

Original title Silent night
By Robert Farnon

Original title Silent night choral
By Frederic Sans

Original title Winter warm
Composer John Cacavas
Lyrics Hal David

Original title It's Christmas baby
Composer John Cavacas
Lyrics Hal David

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Element type Digitalt arkivmaterial
Gauge MAP

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Script type Inspelningsmanus
Script title Tommy. Av Anton Hagwall. Inspelningsversion 2013-03-13.
Extent 101 s.
Language Swedish

Script type Synopsis
Script title Tommy. Synopsis.
Extent 1 s.
Language Swedish

Script type Dialoglista
Extent 31 s. + för- och eftertext samt musiklista.
Language Swedish

Script type Dialoglista
Extent 27 s. + för- och eftertext samt musiklista.
Language English

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