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Basic facts

Original title "Bežin lug" Sergeja Éjzenštejna
Form Short
Original work
Production country
Production company
Classification Allowed from age 11
Swedish release 1973


Boris Zachava
Stepoks far

Elena Telešëva
Praskov'ja Osipova, kochosens ledare

Érast Garin
Praskov'ja Osipovas make

V. Orlov
Vasjas (Vasias) onkel, politruk

Leonid Iudov

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Original title
Swedish release title
Alternative title


Director of Photography
Film Editor
Production Mixer
Assistant Director
Assistant Cameraman
Assistant Film Editor
Sound Editor


Viktor "Vitja" Kartasov Stepok (version 1 1935-36)
Boris Zachava Stepoks far (version 1 1935-36)
Elena Telešëva Praskov'ja Osipova, kochosens ledare (version 1 1935-36)
Érast Garin Praskov'ja Osipovas make (version 1 1935-36)
V. Orlov Vasjas (Vasias) onkel, politruk (version 1 1935-36)
Leonid Iudov Komsomolze (version 1 1935-36)
Nikolaj Maslov den yngre mordbrännaren (version 1 1935-36)
Ja. Zajcev den skäggige mordbrännaren (version 1 1935-36)
Pavel Žuravlëv den äldre mordbrännaren (version 1 1935-36)
Gorelov den enbente kulakknekten (version 1 1935-36)
Ermeeva kvinna i kyrkan (version 1 1935-36)
Savickij den skäggige bonden (version 1 1935-36)
N. Berezovskaja flickan i skogen (version 1 1935-36)
Viktor "Vitja" Kartasov Stepok (version 2 1936-37)
Nikolaj Chmelëv Samochin, Stepoks far (version 2 1936-37)
Pëtr Aržanov politruk (version 2 1936-37)
Leonid Iudov Komsomolze Rybockin (version 2 1936-37)
Nikolaj Maslov mordbrännare (version 2 1936-37)
Ja. Zajcev mordbrännare (version 2 1936-37)
Pavel Žuravlëv mordbrännare (version 2 1936-37)


Swedish censorship

Censorship number 112037
Date 1973-06
Classification Allowed from age 11

Technical specifications

Aspect ratio 1.37:1
Sound system Optical mono
Width 35 mm
Frames per second 24
Length in metres 863 meter
Length in minutes 32 min
Reels 3 rullar

Original work

Original title Bežin lug (Short story)
Author Ivan Turgenev

Production location

Kinostudija Mosfil'm Moskva 1966 1966
1936-08 1937-03-17
Soviet Union 1935-05-05 1936-04

Release dates

Release in Sweden 1973 Sweden 31 min

Holdings Film

The information given here refers to film material in the Swedish Film Institute’s archive. Access to the archive’s stock is given on request, for research, other film archives and rights’ holders.

Element type Kopia
Item base Acetate
Gauge 35 mm
Length 846

Holdings Scripts

Script type Cutting continuity
Language Russian

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