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Basic facts


Svensk premiärtitel


Director of Photography
Production Designer
Film Editor


George Bancroft Jim Lang, "Thunderbolt"
Richard Arlen Bob Morgan
Fay Wray Mary, "Ritzy"
Tully Marshall fångvaktaren
Eugenie Besserer Mrs. Morgan
James Spottswood "Snapper" O'Shea
Fred Kohler "Bad" Al Freiberg
Mike Donlin Kentucky Sampson
S.S. Stewart den svarte fången
George Irving Mr. Corwin, bankchefen
Robert Elliott prästen
William L. Thorne polischefen
E.H. Calvert åklagare McKay


Soundtrack listing

Original title Sittin' Around Thinkin' About My Baby
By Sam Coslow

Original title Roll, Jordan, Roll

Original title All Gods Chillun Got a Song

Original title Sweet Adeline
Composer Harry Armstrong (1896/1903)
Lyrics Richard H. Gerard (1896/1903)

Original title Rockabye Baby

Original title Midnight Choo-Choo for Alabam

Original title Take Me Out to the Ball Game
Composer Albert von Tilzer (1908)
Lyrics Jack Norworth (1908)

Original title Brokenhearted

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