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Other manifestations of this work

Basic facts


Original title
Swedish release title


Director of Photography
Production Designer
Film Editor


Johan Widerberg Victor
Lina Englund Anna
Stellan Skarsgård Gary
Kjell Bergqvist Allan
Marika Lagercrantz mamma
Thomas Hellberg polischefen
Lars Green mc-mannen
Vanna Rosenberg Sonja
Malou Bergman My
Gert Fylking Mr. Splendid
Kalle Westerdahl Niklas
Ivan Öhlin Mark
Lena T. Hansson läkaren
Yvonne Lombard fru Landberg
Musse Hasselvall Victors kompis
Oscar Franzén Victors kompis
Per-Gunnar Hylén svettiga gubben
Thorsten Flinck Pedro
Elin Klinga Lisa
The Pipes & Drums of the 1st Royal Engineers säckpipor
Simon Norrthon Jerry
Liv Alsterlund Clara
Per Graffman rättsläkaren
Mattias Knave himmelsmannen
Anneli Martini feministen
Robert Gustafsson vaktande polisen


Production Company Sveriges Television AB Kanal 1
Distributor in Sweden (DVD) Atlantic Film AB 2006

Technical specifications

Frames per second 24
Length in minutes 60 min

Release dates

TV showing 1994-09-20 Kanal 1 Sweden 60 min (del 1)
1994-09-27 Kanal 1 Sweden 60 min (del 2)
1994-10-04 Kanal 1 Sweden 60 min (del 3)
1994-10-11 Kanal 1 Sweden 60 min (del 4)
1995-08-21 Kanal 1 Sweden 60 min (del 1)
1995-08-23 Kanal 1 Sweden 60 min (del 2)
1995-08-28 Kanal 1 Sweden 60 min (del 3)
1995-08-30 Kanal 1 Sweden 60 min (del 4)
DVD release 2006-09-06 Sweden

Holdings Stills

Black and white print 1
Colour prints 2
Album No

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