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Other manifestations of this work

Basic facts


Original title
Swedish release title
Alternative title
Title for Swedish Video release
Title for Swedish DVD release


Director of Photography
Production Designer
Film Editor
Second Unit Director
Script Supervisor
Executive Producer
Production Accountant
Unit Production Manager
Production Secretary
Camera Operator
Still Photographer
Dolly Grip
Music Editor
Assistant Production Designer
Costume Designer
Make-up Supervisor
Hair Stylist
Set Designer
Construction Coordinator
Assistant Costume Designer
Assistant Film Editor
Other Crew


Anders R. Hellquist Pete Savage
Gareth Hunt Craig Lammar, kommissarie
Taggen Axelsson Tanner
Frederick Offrein Bellamy
Camilla Lundén Jane
Magnus Adent Cederblad Mike
Eva-Karin Bengtson Suzy
Eva Andersson Chris
Helen Andersson Debbie
Lars Lundgren första skurken
Tina Ljung sjuksköterska 1
Annika Soneby sjuksköterska 2
Andrew Nelson sjukhusvakt
Lenita Bellamys flickvän
Gunilla Johansson kvinnan i Volkswagenbilen
Peo Jansson mannen i Volkswagenbilen
Tommy Ellgren Thomson
Pepe skallig skurk
Kjell Lager man i tunneln
Helena Michaelsen Lammars flickvän
Sam Cook polis
Jannicke Leikanger flicka i Peugot
Torbjörn Svensson slagskämpe
Harley Melin slagskämpe
Hans Aronson slagskämpe
Louie slagskämpe
Henrik Fransson slagskämpe
Jan Kronqvist slagskämpe
Roger Persson slagskämpe
Mikael Pauli slagskämpe
Mikael Warde slagskämpe
Ben Nelson slagskämpe
Christer Thunborg slagskämpe
Tomas Falck slagskämpe
Tony Ekstedt slagskämpe
Per Johan slagskämpe
Jan Johansson slagskämpe
Reine Sorting slagskämpe
Mats Sorting slagskämpe
Sven Wistrand slagskämpe
Lars Wistrand slagskämpe
Håkan Ottoson slagskämpe
Per Johansson slagskämpe
Bo Pelli slagskämpe
Tony Mårdhage slagskämpe
Kenneth Ström slagskämpe
Edgar Persson slagskämpe


Production Company Profore Movie Productions
Swedish Action Film Force
Distributor in Sweden (Video) Odox Entertainment AB 1999
Distributor in Sweden (DVD) Horse Creek Entertainment AB 2004
Other Company Wizard Food (catering)
Wizard Films Equipment (production equipment)
Filmoptic Goldcrest Studios (titlar)

Technical specifications

Colour system Technicolor
Frames per second 24

Release dates

TV showing 1995-11-01 Femman Sweden
DVD release 2004-12-22 Sweden

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