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Basic facts

Original title Zaza
Film type Feature
Category Fiction
Original work
Production country
Production company
Classification Allowed from age 15
Swedish release 1939-01-30



Original title
Swedish release title


Director of Photography
Production Designer
Film Editor
Production Mixer
Assistant Director
Special Effects
Executive Producer
Musical Director
Music Consultant
Set Decorator
Costume Designer


Claudette Colbert Zaza
Herbert Marshall Dufresne
Bert Lahr Cascart
Helen Westley Anais
Constance Collier Nathalie
Genevieve Tobin Florianne
Walter Catlett Malaidot
Rex O'Malley Bussy
Rex Evans Michelin
Robert C. Fischer Pierre
Ernest Cossart Marchand
Janet Waldo Simone
Clarence Harvey dirigenten
Frank Puglia matthandlare
Maurice Murphy Henri
Monty Woolley Fouget
Ann Todd Toto
John Sutton förste beundraren
Philip Warren en snobb
Alexander Leftwich Laron
Frederika Brown Pierres fru
John Power dirigent
Dorothy Tree Madame Dufresne
Michael Brooke en snobb
Duncan Renaldo djurskötaren
Hala Linda djurskötarens fru
Walter Soderling stadsbud
Caroline Cooke gatuförsäljerska
Major Farrell gatuförsäljare
Harry Allen stadsbud
Alice Keating tjänstekvinna
Olive Tell Jeanne Liseron
Dorothy Dayton dansös
Harriette Haddon dansös
Helaine Moler dansös
Dorothy White dansös
Louise Seidel dansös
Maude Hume en kvinna
Billie Beurne balettflicka
Darlyn Heckley balettflicka
Virginia Larsen balettflicka
Grace Richey balettflicka
Virginia Rooney balettflicka
Lillian Ross balettflicka
Peggy Russell balettflicka
Jeanne Blanche fransk flicka
Jacqueline Daix fransk flicka
Penny Gill fransk flicka
Dorothy Hamburg fransk flicka
Emily La Rue fransk flicka
Colleen Ward fransk flicka
Olaf Hytten kypare
Tom Ricketts äldre gentleman


Production company Paramount Pictures Inc.
Copyright Paramount Pictures Inc. 1939-01-13 (LP8554)
Distributor in Sweden (35 mm) Film AB Paramount 1939

Swedish censorship / rating

Censorship number 59010
Date 1939-01-24
Classification Allowed from age 15
Original length 2400 meters
Notes Visningskopiorna nedklippta till 2360 m - 86 minuter. Aktlängder: 0, 0, 0, 0, 0.

Technical specifications

Aspect ratio 1.37:1
Sound type Sound
Sound system Western Electric Recording
Colour type Black and white
Width 35 mm
Frames per second 24
Length in minutes 87 min
Reels 9 rullar

Original work

Original title Zaza (Play)
Author Pierre Berton
Charles Simon

Original title Zaza (Play)
Author David Belasco

Production location

1938-06 1938-09

Release dates

Release in Sweden 1939-01-30 Rialto Stockholm Sweden 86 min
1939-01-30 Rival Stockholm Sweden 86 min
First showing 1938-12-29 Hollywood, Kalifornien USA 87 min

Soundtrack listing

Original title Zaza
Composer Frederick Hollander
Lyrics Frank Loesser
Sung by Martha Mears (dubbar Claudette Colbert)

Original title Hello My Darling
Composer Frederick Hollander
Lyrics Frank Loesser
Sung by Martha Mears (dubbar Claudette Colbert)

Original title Rain Song
Composer Phil Boutelje
Lyrics Phil Boutelje

Holdings Posters

Size Less than 850 x 400

Size Between 850 x 700 and 850 x 1100

Size Between 850 x 700 and 850 x 1100

Size More than 850 x 1100

Holdings Stills

Black and white print SET
Behind the scenes prints 2
Album No

Holdings Promotion materials

Type Program/Promotion material

Type Program folio

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