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Original title
Swedish release title
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- VM i skidor, alpina grenar:
Stein Eriksen (specialslalom, storslalom, störtlopp)
Stig Sollander (specialslalom, storslalom, störtlopp)
Beni Obermüller (specialslalom)
Katy Rodolph (publik)
Toni Spiß (storslalom)
Andreas Molterer (storslalom)
Margaretha Olsson (specialslalom)
Sarah Thomasson (specialslalom)
prins av Sverige Bertil (publik)
Christian Pravda (störtlopp)
Martin Strolz (störtlopp)
Ernst Oberaigner (störtlopp)
- VM i skidor, nordiska grenar:
Sverre Stenersen (backhoppning, kombination)
Vladimir Kuzin (15 km, stafett 4x10 km, 50 km)
Per-Erik Larsson (15 km, stafett 4x10 km)
Sixten Jernberg (15 km, stafett 4x10 km, 50 km)
Veikko Hakulinen (15 km, stafett 4x10 km, 50 km)
Mora-Nisse (publik)
Lennart Hyland (intervjuare)
Anna-Lisa Eriksson (stafett 4x5 km)
Simon Brehm (publik)
Sonja Edström (stafett 4x5 km)
Sune Larsson (stafett 4x10 km)
Arthur Olsson (stafett 4x10 km)
- VM i ishockey:
prins av Sverige Bertil
Erik Eklöv
Tjeckoslovakiska ishockeylandslaget 1954
Schweiziska ishockeylandslaget 1954
kung av Sverige Gustaf VI Adolf
kronprins av Sverige Carl Gustaf
Kanadensiska ishockeylandslaget 1954
Svenska ishockeylandslaget 1954
Sovjetiska ishockeylandslaget 1954
Västtyska ishockeylandslaget 1954
Sven "Tumba" Johansson
Helge Berglund
Bunny Ahearne
Carl Albert Anderson
Plutten Andersson
Åke Lassas


Production company Svenska AB Nordisk Tonefilm
Distributor in Sweden (35 mm) Svenska AB Nordisk Tonefilm 1954

Swedish censorship / rating

Censorship number 83969
Date 1954-03-13
Classification Suitable for all audiences
Original length 2380 meters
Notes Speltid: 87 minuter. Aktlängder: 0, 0, 0, 0, 0.

Technical specifications

Aspect ratio 1.37:1
Sound type Sound
Sound system Optical mono
Colour type Black and white
Width 35 mm
Frames per second 24
Length in metres 2380 meter
Length in minutes 87 min
Reels 5 rullar

Production location

Rosenbad Stockholm Sweden (avslutningsfesten) 1954-03-07 1954-03-07
Stadion Stockholm Sweden (VM i ishockey) 1954-02-26 1954-03-07
1954-02-14 1954-03-07
Falun Sweden (VM i skidor, de nordiska grenarna) 1954-02-14 1954-02-21
Åre Sweden (VM i skidor, de alpina grenarna) 1954-02-14 1954-02-21
Hotel Malmen Stockholm Sweden
Skansen Stockholm Sweden

Release dates

Release in Sweden 1954-03-15 Olympia Stockholm Sweden 87 min
First showing 1954-03-15 Olympia Stockholm Sweden 87 min
Release in Sweden 1954-03-15 Victoria Stockholm Sweden 87 min
First showing 1954-03-15 Victoria Stockholm Sweden 87 min

Holdings Film

The information given here refers to film material in the Swedish Film Institute’s archive. Access to the archive’s stock is given on request, for research, other film archives and rights’ holders. For enquiries please contact

Element type Print
Gauge 16 mm

Element type Print
Item base Acetate
Gauge 35 mm
Length 2330

Holdings Promotion materials

Type Program/Promotion material

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