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Basic facts

Media (1)

Original title Mästarnas match : Ingo vs Floyd
Film type Feature
Category Documentary
Production country
Production company
Classification Barntillåten




Svensk premiärtitel
Distribution title


Production Manager
Director of Photography
Film Editor



Produktionsbolag AB Globefilm
Distributor in Sweden (35 mm) Svenska AB Nordisk Tonefilm 1959

Swedish censorship / rating

Censorship number 94081
Date 1959-07-03
Classification Barntillåten
Original length 2100 meters
Notes Aktindelning: 540-505-425-425-205 = 2100 m - 77 minuter. Aktlängder: 540, 505, 425, 425, 205.

Technical specifications

Aspect ratio 1.37:1
Sound type Sound
Sound system AGA-Baltic
Colour type Svartvit
Width 35 mm
Frames per second 24
Length in metres 2100 meter
Length in minutes 77 min
Reels 5 rullar

Production location

1959-06 1959-06
Yankee Stadium, Bronx New York City, New York USA (m. fl. platser i New York City, New York)

Release dates

Release in Stockholm 1959-07-03 Rigoletto Stockholm Sweden 77 min
First showing 1959-07-03 Rigoletto Stockholm Sweden 77 min

Soundtrack listing

Original title Down Home
Composer Robert Farnon

Original title Heaven Scent
Composer Robert Farnon

Original title Flagwaver
Composer Alyn Ainsworth

Original title Sweet with a Beat
Composer Alyn Ainsworth

Original title Swing Easy
Composer Alyn Ainsworth

Original title Beautiful Day
Composer Max Martin

Original title Bobbins and Spindles
Composer Ronald Hanmer

Original title Dawn Blues
Composer Derek Nelson (1957)

Original title Main Line
Composer Jack Beaver

Original title Mountain and Meadow
Composer Charles Williams

Original title Music Hall
Composer Roger Roger

Original title Rock 'n' Roll Boogie
Composer Frank Barcley

Original title Snow Shadow
Composer Len Stevens

Original title Virginia
Composer Haydn Wood

Original title Roslagsvår
Composer Hugo Alfvén (musik, musikbearbetning 1956)
Lyrics Alf Henrikson (1956)

Original title Sommarnatt
Composer Evert Taube (1926 "Dröm och minns")
Lyrics Evert Taube (1930)

Original title Fjällnäspolska

Original title Små grodorna

Holdings Film

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Element type Print
Gauge 35 mm

Element type Print
Item base Acetate
Gauge 35 mm

Element type Print
Item base Acetate
Gauge 35 mm

Holdings Posters

Size Less than 850 x 400
Poster title MÄSTARNAS MATCH Ingo Johansson obesegrad europamästare Floyd Patterson världsmästare
Tryckeri Ewes O.B. -tryck

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Type Promotion material
Language Swedish

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