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Other manifestations of this work

Basic facts


Original title
Swedish release title
Distribution title


Production Manager
Director of Photography
Production Designer
Film Editor
Production Mixer
Sound Design
Assistant Director
Script Supervisor
Legally responsible
Still Photographer
Assistant Cameraman
Costume Designer
Make-up Supervisor
Sound Assistant
Other Crew


Lærke Sødring Julie
Sebastian Ylvenius Tomas
Samuel Hellström Niklas
Anja Birgmann Mia
Joakim Gräns Markus
Folke Larsson Kapten
Ina Bengtsen uppassare på bröllopsfesten
Matti Östling uppassare på bröllopsfesten
Marion Ritter bröllopsgäst
Linda Berndtsson bröllopsgäst
Anton Ling bröllopsgäst
Gitte Hansen bröllopsgäst
Jacob Andreasen bröllopsgäst
Lilly Stålrud bröllopsgäst
Roland Åkesson bröllopsgäst
Maj-Britt Hornbaek bröllopsgäst
Julia Frendberg bröllopsgäst
Karolina Hall bröllopsgäst
Bodil Hornbaek bröllopsgäst
Olivia Berndtzen bröllopsgäst
Jacob Hammarbäck bröllopsgäst


Technical specifications

Colour type Colour
Frames per second 24
Length in minutes 21 min

Release dates

Release in Sweden 2002-06-06 Royal Gothenburg Sweden 21 min
Festival showing 2003 Gothenburg Sweden 21 min (Göteborg Film Festival, Beta SP)

Soundtrack listing

Original title An der schönen blauen Donau, op. 314
Composer Johann Strauss, d.y. (1867)
Orchestra Nya Stråkensemblen (2000)

Original title Shining Star
Composer Gustaf Karlöf
Pil Maria Gunnarsson
Performed by The Butter Boys

Original title Trad. Makedonia
Performed by Kopanitsa

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