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Basic facts

Original title Vengo
Film type Feature
Category Fiction
Production country
Production company
Classification Allowed from age 11
Swedish release 2002-06-28



Svensk premiärtitel


Director of Photography
Production Designer
Film Editor


Antonio Canales Caco
Orestes Villasan Rodriguez Diego
Antonio Perez Dechent kusin Alejandro
Bobote kusin Antonio
Juan Luis Corrientes kusin Tres
Fernando Guerrero Rebollo Fernando Caravaca
Francisco Chavero Rios Francisco Caravaca
José "El Cheli" Ramírez kusin Caravaca 1
Juan-Luis Barrios Llorente kusin Caravaca 2
Jesús María Ventura kusin Caravaca 3
El Moro Pepe
Manuel Vega Salazar Anselmo
Maria Faraco katalanskan
Natasha Mayghine Alma
Maria Altea Maya La Coneja


Swedish censorship / rating

Censorship number 138521
Date 2002-05-30
Classification Allowed from age 11
Original length 2451 meters
Notes Aktlängder: 524-497-353-436-408-233

Technical specifications

Aspect ratio 2.35:1
Sound type Sound
Sound system Dolby Digital
Colour type Colour

Release dates

Festival showing 2000-09-08 Venedig Italy
First showing 2000-10-04 France
Release in Sweden 2002-06-28 Svea Göteborg Sweden 89 min
2002-06-28 Spegeln Malmö Sweden 89 min
2002-06-28 Sture Stockholm Sweden 89 min
2002-06-28 Victoria Stockholm Sweden 89 min

Holdings Film

The information given here refers to film material in the Swedish Film Institute’s archive. Access to the archive’s stock is given on request, for research, other film archives and rights’ holders. For enquiries please contact

Element type Print
Item base Polyester
Gauge 35 mm
Length 2438

Element type Print
Item base Polyester
Gauge 35 mm

Holdings Posters

Size Between 850 x 700 and 850 x 1100

Holdings Stills

Colour prints 6
Album No

Holdings Promotion materials

Type Program/Promotion material

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