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Basic facts

Original title Harry and Walter Go to New York
Film type Feature
Category Fiction
Production country
Production company
Classification Allowed from age 11
Swedish release 1977-07-18


James Caan
Harry Dighby

Michael Caine
Adam Worth

Elliott Gould
Walter Hill

Diane Keaton
Lissa Chestnut

Charles Durning
Rufus T. Crisp

Jack Gilford

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Original title
Swedish release title


Director of Photography
Production Designer
Film Editor


James Caan Harry Dighby
Michael Caine Adam Worth
Elliott Gould Walter Hill
Diane Keaton Lissa Chestnut
Charles Durning Rufus T. Crisp
Jack Gilford Mischa
Lesley Warren Gloria Fontaine
Val Avery Chatsworth
Dennis Dugan Lewis
Carol Kane Florence
Kathryn Grody Barbara
David Proval Ben
Michael Conrad Billy Gallagher
Burt Young fängelsedirektör Durgom
Bert Remsen fångvaktare O'Meara
Ted Cassidy Leary
Michael Greene Dan
James De Closs Barney
Nicky Blair Charley Bullard
George Greif Holländske Herman
John Hackett Ike Marsh
Phil Kenneally poliskonstapel O'Reilly
Jack Brodsky Horace Finley
Karlene Gallegly Marie
Colin Hamilton George
Roger Til kyparen
Tom Lawrence dörrvakten
Ben Davidson den grove mannen
Victor Romito croupier
Alex Rodine croupier
Selma Archerd kvinna
Elizabeth Summers flickvän
Louise De Carlo flickvän
Michelle Breeze flickvän
Carmel Lougene flickvän
Suzanne Covington flickvän
Sig Frohlich kyparen
Christopher Rydell tvättbudet
Maureen Arthur Mrs. Hawthorne
David Shire pianist
Jay Thompson pianist
Anthony Columbia trumslagaren
Danny Rees bedragaren
Brion James lantisen
Reed Morgan farmaren
Kim Lankford en ung flicka
Yolanda Mayer magdansösen
George Gaynes prinsen
Robert Miller Driscoll kungen
Geraldine Decker tjänarinna
Ginny Gagnon tjänarinna
Walter Willison kärande
Harry Naughton kärande
Carmine Coppola dirigenten
Warren Berlinger scenchefen
Seamon Glass vakten
Charlie Murray polisman
Don Ames polisman
Ellen Blake städerskan
Lee Wolfberg dörrvakten
Sherry Moore biljettvaktmästare
Emmett Brown fången hos frisören
Evelyn Rydell teaterbesökare
Ernie Mishko cyklisten
Ellen Janes ung kvinna
Dee Hoty ung kvinna
Karen Powell ung kvinna


Production company Safecracker Productions
Distributor in Sweden (35 mm) Warner-Columbia Film AB

Swedish censorship / rating

Censorship number 116215
Date 1976-10-15
Classification Allowed from age 11
Original length 3130 meters

Release dates

Release in Sweden 1977-07-18 Grand 1 Stockholm Sweden 114 min

Holdings Film

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Element type Print
Gauge 35 mm

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Black and white print SET
Colour prints 16
Slides SET
Album No

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Type Program/Promotion material

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