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Other manifestations of this work

Basic facts


Original title
Title for Swedish DVD release


Director of Photography
Production Designer
Film Editor
Executive Producer
Costume Designer
Make-up / Hair


Peter Haber Martin Beck
Mikael Persbrandt Gunvald Larsson
Malin Birgerson Alice Levander
Marie Göranzon Margareta Öberg
Rafael Edholm Alexander
Ingvar Hirdwall grannen
Rebecka Hemse Inger
Basia Frydman Iro
Peter Hüttner Oljelund
Bo Höglund Mats
Hanns Zischler Josef Hillman
Anne-Li Norberg Eva Örnberg
Pontus Gustafsson Göransson
Jimmy Endeley Robban
Mårten Klingberg Nick
Mats Rudal Tommy Stenlid
Roland Hedlund Bergstrand
Georgi Staykov Bojan


Distributor in Sweden (DVD) Nordisk Film AB 2001
Nordisk Film AB 2013

Technical specifications

Colour type Colour
Frames per second 24

Original work

Original title Beck (Ficticious characters)
Created by Maj Sjöwall
Per Wahlöö

Release dates

TV showing 2003-10-26 TV4 Sweden 90 min
2007-07-22 TV4 Sweden
DVD release 2001-12-12 Sweden
TV showing 2011-11-13 TV4 Sweden
DVD release 2013-10-02 Sweden (utgiven i samlingen"Beck 9-12 Box")
TV showing 2019-10-30 TV12 Sweden
2020-03-25 Sjuan Sweden
2019-01-21 Sjuan Sweden

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