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Basic facts


Original title
Co-production title
Swedish release title
Alternative title
Working title


Director of Photography
Film Editor
Sound Design
Assistant Director
Story Editor
Production Assistant
Film Commissioner
Digital Grading
Re-recording Mixer
Other Crew
Thanks to



Production Company Medieoperatørene AS
Casablanca Latinfilms S.A.C. (för)
Månharen Film & TV (i samarb m)
Advance allocations Stiftelsen Svenska Filminstitutet 2003 (fram till DigiBeta)
Stiftelsen Svenska Filminstitutet 2004 (utökat förhandsstöd) (kopiestöd)
Norsk Rikskringkasting
Arbetarnas Bildningsförbund
Sveriges Television AB (Dokumentär)
Nordisk Film- & TV Fond
Oy Yleisradio Ab (YLE Teema)
Supplementary allocations Stiftelsen Svenska Filminstitutet 2004 (kopiestöd)
Distributor in Sweden (35 mm) Folkets Bio AB 2004
Laboratory FilmTeknik AB
Re-recording Mixer Cinepost Studios AB
Other Company FilmTeknik AB (video till film)

Swedish censorship / rating

Censorship number 140435
Date 2004-04-15
Classification Allowed for all

Technical specifications

Frames per second 24

Release dates

Release in Sweden 2004-04-23 Hagabion Göteborg Sweden 90 min
2004-04-23 Victoria Stockholm Sweden 90 min
2004-04-23 Zita - Folkets Bio Stockholm Sweden 90 min
TV showing 2005-01-04 SVT1 Sweden 86 min
2005-04-14 SVT1 Sweden 86 min
2005-04-17 SVT1 Sweden 86 min
Festival showing 2010-02-02 Roy Göteborg Sweden 90 min 33:e Göteborg International Film Festival.

Soundtrack listing

Original title Konevitsan kirkon kellot
Musical Arrangement Piirpauke (1975)
Performed by Piirpauke

Original title Kuunnousu
Composer Piirpauke (1975)
Performed by Piirpauke

Original title Ámame
Composer Dina Páucar
Lyrics Dina Páucar
Singer Dina Páucar


Festival Award Madrid 2005 (första pris samt 12 000 euro)
Den andra stranden (1993) Cited in Compadre (2004)

Holdings Film

The information given here refers to film material in the Swedish Film Institute’s archive. Access to the archive’s stock is given on request, for research, other film archives and rights’ holders.

Element type Print
Item base Polyester
Gauge 35 mm

Element type Print
Item base Polyester
Gauge 35 mm

Element type Print
Item base Polyester
Gauge 35 mm

Element type Print
Item base Polyester
Gauge 35 mm

Element type Original picture negative
Gauge 35 mm

Element type Sound negative
Gauge 35 mm

Element type Grading data
Gauge Disc

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Size Less than 850 x 400

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