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Other manifestations of this work

Basic facts


Original title
Title for Swedish DVD release


Production Manager
Director of Photography
Production Designer
Film Editor
Production Mixer
First Assistant Director
Second Assistant Director
Stunt Coordinator
Script Supervisor
Script Editor
Executive Producer
Production Coordinator
Location Manager
Unit Manager
Production Assistant
Casting Assistant
First Assistant Cameraman
Second Assistant Cameraman
Special Photographic Effects
Steadicam Operator
Best Boy
Grip Best Boy
Assistant Production Designer
Assistant Property Master
Assistant Propman
Costume Designer
Make-up / Hair
Construction Coordinator
Costume Assistant
Make-up Assistant
Weapons Coordinator
Other Crew


Sven Wollter Van Veeteren
Eva Rexed Moreno
Thomas Hanzon Münster
Gustaf Hammarsten Mauritz Leverkuhn
Pia Green Marie-Louise Leverkuhn
Elisabet Carlsson Irene Leverkuhn
Kristian Lima de Faria Bill Engel
Philip Zandén Reinhart
Sten Johan Hedman Johan Bonger
Mattias Malmgren Lourens
Gent Fredriksson Eric Hillman
Steve Aalam Chad
Sven Angleflod Krause
Tobias Aspelin Jung
Lars Göran Carlson Grass
Viveca Dahlén sekreterare
Karin Knutsson Synn
Ylva Lööf Bachmann
Lasse Petterson Zimmer
Pierre Tafvelin Renberg
Niels Jensen Lempel


Production Company AB Svensk Filmindustri
Distributor in Sweden (DVD) SF Home Entertainment 2005
Other Company Stuntmakers (stunt)

Original work

Original title Münsters fall (Novel)
Author Håkan Nesser

Release dates

DVD release (rental) 2005-12-14 Sweden
DVD release (buy) 2005-12-14 Sweden
TV showing 2007-11-04 TV4 Sweden
DVD release 2005-12-14 Sweden
TV showing 2010-06-28 TV4 Sweden

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