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Basic facts


Original title


Project Coordinator
Director of Photography
Production Designer
Film Editor
Costume Designer


Mina Azarian Lea Sadr
Masoud Rayegani Shemal Barany
Elmira Arikan Peyman Barany
Poyan Karimi Hiwa Barany
Shebly Niavarani Masdak Barany
Asmaa Houri Bijani Barany
Kardo Razzazi Azad Barany
Serpil Inanc Farmor Sirwe
Ashkan Ghods Saman
Lennart Jähkel Staffan Zacharias
Sven-Bertil Taube Jarl Zacharias
Lena Nilsson Mimmi Syrén
Lena Endre Kristina Ålén
Sunil Munshi Micke Larsson
Björn Bengtsson Erik Sköld
Ricky Danielsson Elis
Jelena Ivanisevic Paunovic


Production Company Sveriges Television AB

Release dates

TV showing 2008-12-07 SVT1 Sweden Del 1 av 4.
2008-12-14 SVT1 Sweden Del 2 av 4.
2008-12-21 SVT1 Sweden Del 3 av 4.
2008-12-28 SVT1 Sweden Del 4 av 4.

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