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Other manifestations of this work

Basic facts

Original title Torka aldrig tårar utan handskar
Film type TV film
Category Fiction
Production country
Production company



Original title
Title for Swedish DVD release


Production Manager
Director of Photography
Production Designer
Film Editor
Story Editor
Legally responsible
Color Timer
Music Coordinator
Costume Designer
Make-up / Hair
Re-recording Mixer
Other Crew


Adam Lundgren Benjamin
Adam Pålsson Rasmus
Simon J. Berger Paul
Emil Almén Seppo
Michael Jonsson Lars-Åke
Christoffer Svensson Bengt
Kristoffer Berglund Reine
Annika Olsson Rasmus mamma
Stefan Sauk Rasmus pappa
Marie Richardson Benjamins mamma
Gerhard Hoberstorfer Benjamins pappa
Ulf Friberg Holger
Lena B. Eriksson moster Christina
Ia Langhammer sjuksköterska
Jennie Silfverhjelm Rasmus läkare
Claes Hartelius Ove
Jonathan Eriksson Benjamin 7 år
Julia Sporre Benjamins syster 17 år
Belle Weiths Benjamins syster 5 år
Gorm Rembe Nylander Rasmus 7 år
Björn Kjellman Benjamin som äldre/berättarröst


Production company Sveriges Television AB
Copyright Sveriges Television AB
Distributor in Sweden (DVD) SF Home Entertainment 2013
Post Production Company Stopp Stockholm Postproduction AB
Visual Effects Protoon Studio
Re-recording Mixer Europa Sound Production AB

Release dates

TV showing 2012-10-08 SVT1 Sweden 58 min Del 1 av 3.
2012-10-15 SVT1 Sweden Del 2 av 3.
2012-10-22 SVT1 Sweden Del 3 av 3.
DVD release 2013-07-24 Sweden

Soundtrack listing

Original title Hög hatt
By Magnum Bonum

Original title Du lever bara en gång
By Hasse Carlsson
Peo Tyrén
Performed by Noice

Original title This is my life
By Bruno Canfora
Antonio Amurri
Lyrics Norman Newell (engelska texter)
Performed by Shirley Bassey

Original title In från kylan
By Tom Wolgers
Performed by Mockba Music

Original title Säj inte nej - säj kanske
Composer Ingvar Hellberg (1965)
Lyrics Ingvar Hellberg (1965)
Performed by Sven-Ingvars

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