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Other manifestations of this work

Basic facts


Alternative title
Title for Swedish DVD release


Production Manager
Director of Photography
Production Designer
Film Editor
Production Mixer
First Assistant Director
Second Assistant Director
Executive Producer
Costume Designer


Eva Röse Maria Wern
Allan Svensson Thomas Hartman
Peter Perski Per Arvidson
Karin Bergquist sekreterare
Pierre Björkman Gustav Hägg
Ulf Friberg Ek
Thomas W. Gabrielsson Ivar Sirén
Mylaine Hedreul Lena Hartman
Pierre Lindstedt Egil Hägg
Tanja Lorentzon Erika
Anja Lundkvist Rosmarie Hägg
Fredrik T. Olsson it-tekniker
Oscar Pettersson Emil Wern
Magnus Reinfeldt Clarence Haag
Reuben Sallmander Patrik Hedlund
Moa Silén blomsterbud
Anastasios Soulis Loke
Conny Vakare Odd Molin
Robert Wetterlund reporter
Matilda Wännström Linda Wern


Produktionsbolag Eyeworks Sweden
Distributor in Sweden (DVD) SF Home Entertainment 2013

Original work

Original title Stum sitter guden (Novel)
Author Anna Jansson

Release dates

TV showing 2013-01-06 TV4 Sweden
2013-04-07 TV4 Sweden
DVD release 2013-11-13 Sweden (utgiven i samlingen "Maria Wern Volym 1")

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