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Basic facts

Original title Players
Film type Feature
Category Fiction
Production country
Production company
Classification Allowed from age 7
Swedish release 1980-03-24



Original title
Swedish release title


Director of Photography
Art Director
Film Editor


Ali McGraw Nicole
Dean Paul Martin Chris
Maximilian Schell Marco
Pancho Gonzalez Pancho
Steve Guttenberg Rusty
Melissa Prophet Ann
Guillermo Vilas Guillermo Vilas
Ion Tiriac Ion Tiriac
Dan Maskell BBC:s tenniskommentator Maskell
John McEnroe John McEnroe
Ilie Nastase Ilie Nastase
Tom Gullikson Tom Gullikson
John Lloyd John Lloyd
Dennis Ralston Dennis Ralston
Vijay Amritraj Vijay Amritraj
Jim McManus Jim McManus
John Alexander John Alexander
David Pate David Pate
Jay Cox Jack Pate
Melchor Perusquia Jr. pokerspelare
Manuel Barbachano pokerspelare
Justin Buehrlen pokerspelare
Pancho Negrete pokerspelare
Ruben Cerda V. pokerspelare
Drew Dennys Chris, 10 år
Ian Altman Rusty, 10 år
David Gilruth chauffören
Deloy White mannen i ståndet
Erica Creer sekreteraren
Rowena Roberts receptionisten
Paul Varney pojken på toaletten
Jorge Mendoza Jorge Mendoza
Julio Martinez vän
Fidel Garriga vän
Adriana Parra Rosa
Sergio Calderon lastbilschauffören
J. Carlton Adair Las Vegas-prisets presentatör
John M. Keller domare
David J. McLean domare
John Myers domare
John Lawrence den fete
Phil Killian ynglingen
Loren Janes stunts


Production company Paramount Pictures Inc.
Distributor in Sweden (35 mm) Cinema International Corporation

Swedish censorship / rating

Censorship number 120621
Date 1979-10-03
Classification Allowed from age 7
Original length 3290 meters

Release dates

Release in Sweden 1980-03-24 Bostock Stockholm Sweden 120 min

Holdings Film

The information given here refers to film material in the Swedish Film Institute’s archive. Access to the archive’s stock is given on request, for research, other film archives and rights’ holders. For enquiries please contact

Element type Print
Gauge 35 mm

Element type Duplicate negative
Gauge 16 mm

Element type Sound negative
Gauge 16 mm

Holdings Posters

Size Between 850 x 700 and 850 x 1100

Holdings Stills

Black and white print SET
Colour prints 8
Slides SET
Album No

Holdings Promotion materials

Type Program/Promotion material

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