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Other manifestations of this work

Basic facts

Original title The Pirate Fairy
Film type Feature
Category Fiction
Average rating 2,62 / 5
Production country
Production company
Classification Suitable for all audiences
Swedish release 2014-02-26


Jim Cummings

Grey DeLisle

Grey Griffin
motorcykelfe / Gliss

Show full cast



Original title
Swedish release title
Alternative title
Title for Swedish DVD release


Production Mixer
Sound Design
Executive Producer
Sound Editor
Re-recording Mixer
Other Crew


- Röster (original):
Pamela Adlon Vidia
Angela Bartys Fawn
Jeff Bennett Dewy
Jim Cummings Oppenheimer
Grey DeLisle Gliss
Grey Griffin motorcykelfe / Gliss
Lucy Hale Periwinkle
Christina Hendricks Zarina
Tom Hiddleston kapten James Hook
Megan Hilty Rosetta
Jane Horrocks Fairy Mary
Anjelica Huston drottning Clarion
Lucy Liu Silvermist
Mae Whitman Tinker Bell
- Svenska röster (2014):
Linda Åslund Tingeling / stoftvaktarälva m.fl.
Hanna Hedlund Rosetta / stoftvaktarälva m.fl.
Emma Lewin Sundblad Iridessa
Hilda Henze Vinka / stoftvaktarälva m.fl.
Mikaela Tidermark Silverdagg / stoftvaktarälva
Sarah Dawn Finer Vidia
Cecilia Forss Zarina
Jonas Malmsjö kapten James Krok / pirat
Adam Giertz Bobble
Jakob Stadell Klanke
Elin Klinga drottning Anileah
Anna Book älvan Mary
Dominique Pålsson Wiklund Isa
Göran Engman Oppenheimer / pirat
Göran Berlander älvan Elving
Roger Storm Babord / pirat
Matti Boustedt Yang / pirat
Nils Tull Styrbord / pirat
Björn Bengtsson Bonito / pirat
Ole Ornered herr Smee
Patrik Lundström pirat
My Bodell stoftvaktarälva / värdinna m.fl.
Lucas Krüger Tristan


Production company Disneytoon Studios
Prana Studios
Distributor in Sweden (DVD) Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment AB 2014
Distributor in Sweden Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Sweden AB 2014
Dubbing Studio SDI Media Scandinavia AB 2014 (svensk verionering)
Other Company Disney Character Voices International, Inc. (produktion svensk versionering)
Shepperton International (mix, svensk versionering)

Swedish censorship / rating

Certificate number 202025
Date 2014-02-07
Classification Suitable for all audiences
Notes DCP.

Technical specifications

Colour type Colour
Length in minutes 78 min

Release dates

Release in Sweden 2014-02-26 Sweden Visas både i 2D och 3D.
First showing 2014-04-01 USA
DVD release 2014-07-02 Sweden

Soundtrack listing

Original title Who I Am
Performed by Dominique Pålsson Wiklund (i svensk versionering)
Anna Isbäck (i svensk versionering)

Original title Frigate That Flies
Performed by Roger Storm (i svensk versionering)
Björn Bengtsson (i svensk versionering)
Nils Tull (i svensk versionering)
Matti Boustedt (i svensk versionering)
Göran Engman (i svensk versionering)
Jonas Malmsjö (i svensk versionering)
Patrik Lundström (i svensk versionering)

Holdings Posters

Size Between 850 x 700 and 850 x 1100

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