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Other manifestations of this work

Basic facts


Original title


Project Coordinator
Line Producer
Director of Photography
Production Designer
Film Editor
Sound Design
Second Unit Director
Associate Producer
Executive Producer
Post Producer
Color Grading
Costume Designer
Make-up / Hair
Other Crew


Malin Arvidsson Kerstin Holm
Natalie Minnevik Ida Jankowicz
Shanti Roney Paul Hjelm
Alexander Salzberger Jorge Chavez
Magnus Samuelsson Gunnar Nyberg
Vera Vitali Sara Svenhagen
Niklas Åkerfelt Arto Söderstedt
Pascal Andersson Anders Holm
Iwa Boman Siw Parwin
Kenneth Milldoff Frank Albrekt
Vanna Rosenberg Lotta Björk
Lars Göran Persson Tore Mikaelis
Maria Grudemo El Hayek Alice Nordin
Andreas Forner Lindal Tore Svensson
Charlotta Jonsson Helena Rudfeldt
Magdalena In de Betou Sofia Ledin
Peter Järn Englund
Mariah Kanninen Hedda Larsen
Karin Lithman Emelie Broman
Zardasht Rad Max Carrera
Peshang Rad Sebastian Carrera
Mikael Spreitz George Carrera
Carina Söderman Kristina Laurin
Oscar Töringe Joakim Bergsten
Anna Wallander Signe Falk
Disa Östrand Mikaela Harrie


Technical specifications

Length in minutes 116 min

Original work

Original title Himmelsöga (Novel)
Author Arne Dahl

Release dates

TV showing 2015-04-12 SVT1 Sweden 58 min Del 1 av 2.
2015-04-19 SVT1 Sweden 58 min Del 2 av 2.

Soundtrack listing

Original title Darkest Star
By Niko Röhlcke
Tiare Helberg
Performed by Tiare Helberg

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