Basic facts

Original title It Happened One Night
Film type Feature
Category Fiction
Original work
Production country
Production company
Classification Allowed from age 15
Swedish release 1934-08-27


Clark Gable
Peter Warne, journalist

Claudette Colbert
Ellie Andrews

Walter Connolly
Alexander Andrews

Roscoe Karns
Oscar Shapeley, pratmakare

Jameson Thomas
King Westley, flygare

Alan Hale

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Original title
Swedish release title
Working title
Title for Swedish DVD release


Director of Photography
Production Designer
Film Editor
Production Mixer
Assistant Director
Assistant Cameraman
Costume Designer


Clark Gable Peter Warne, journalist
Claudette Colbert Ellie Andrews
Walter Connolly Alexander Andrews
Roscoe Karns Oscar Shapeley, pratmakare
Jameson Thomas King Westley, flygare
Alan Hale Danker
Arthur Hoyt Zeke
Blanche Frederici Zekes fru
Charles C. Wilson Joe Gordon
- Ej krediterade:
Ward Bond första busschauffören
Eddy Chandler andra busschauffören
Wallis Clark Lovington
Harry Bradley Henderson
Charlie Browne journalist
Hal Price journalist
Harry Holman föreståndare för bilcamping
Maidel Turner bilcampingföreståndarens fru
Irving Bacon bensinstationsföreståndare
Harry Todd signalisten vid järnvägskorsningen
Henry Wadsworth berusad ung man
Claire McDowell modern
Ky Robinson civilpolis
Frank Holliday civilpolis
James Burke civilpolis
Joseph Crehan civilpolis
Matty Roubert tidningsbud
Sherry Hall berusad man
Milton Kibbee berusad man
Ray Cooke berusad man
Mickey Daniels försäljare på bussen
Earl M. Pingree polis
Harry Hume polis
Jack Curtis polis
Oliver Eckhardt Dykes, föreståndare för Dykes Bilcamping
George P. Breakston pojke
Bess Flowers Agnes, Joe Gordons sekreterare
Fred Walton butler
Ethel Sykes brudtärna
Neal Dodd prästen
Edmund Burns best man
Tom Ricketts en gammal man
Eva Dennison societetsdam
Eddie Kane hallåman i radio
Frank Yaconelli Tony
Kate Morgan busspassagerare
Rose May busspassagerare
Sam Josephson busspassagerare
Bert Starkey busspassagerare
Margaret Reid busspassagerare
Ray Creighton busspassagerare
Rita Ross busspassagerare
Ernie Adams busspassagerare
John Wallace busspassagerare
Billy Engle busspassagerare
Allen Fox busspassagerare
Marvin Loback busspassagerare
Mimi Lindell busspassagerare
Blanche Rose busspassagerare
Dave Wengren busspassagerare
Jane Talent busspassagerare
Charles Wilroy busspassagerare
Patsy O'Byrne busspassagerare
Kit Guard busspassagerare
Harry Schultz busspassagerare
Emma Tansey busspassagerare
Marvin Schecter busspassagerare
William McCall busspassagerare
S.S. Simon busspassagerare
Ken Carson gitarrspelaren på bussen


Production Company Frank Capra Productions, Inc.
Columbia Pictures Corporation
Copyright Columbia Pictures Corporation 1934-02-17 LP4497
Distributor in Sweden (35 mm) Columbia Film AB 1934
Distributor in Sweden (DVD) Nordisk Film AB 2001

Swedish censorship / rating

Censorship number 50904
Date 1934-08-16
Classification Allowed from age 15
Original length 2980 meters
Notes Visningskopiorna längd: 2918 m.

Technical specifications

Aspect ratio 1.37:1
Sound system Western Electric Recording
Width 35 mm
Length in metres 2875 meter
Length in minutes 105 min

Original work

Original title Night Bus (Short story)
Author Samuel Hopkins Adams

Production location

(omtagningar) 1934-01-08 1934-01-12
1933-11-21 1933-12-22
Bush Gardens Pasadena, Kalifornien USA
Franklin Canyon Reservoir, Santa Monica Mountains Los Angeles, Kalifornien USA
Redwood Lodge Thousand Oaks, Kalifornien USA
Ventura Boulevard Thousand Oaks, Kalifornien USA
Encino San Fernando Valley, Kalifornien USA
Sunland San Fernando Valley, Kalifornien USA

Release dates

TV showing 1995-05-21 TV2 Sweden
Release in Sweden 1934-08-27 Rialto Stockholm Sweden 107 min
1934-08-27 Ripp Stockholm Sweden 107 min
1934-08-27 Riri Stockholm Sweden 107 min
1934-08-27 Ritz Stockholm Sweden 107 min
1934-08-27 Rivoli Stockholm Sweden 107 min
First showing 1934-02-22 New York City, New York USA 105 min
TV showing 1966-07-10 TV Sweden
1971-10-15 TV1 Sweden
DVD release 2001-02-19 Sweden

Soundtrack listing

Original title Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf
Lyrics Frank E. Churchill (engelsk text 1933)
Ann Ronell (engelsk text 1933)
Dardanell (svensk text)
Dix Dennie (svensk text)
Musical Adaptation Frank E. Churchill (1933)
Ann Ronell (1933)
Singer Clark Gable

Original title The Flying Trapeze
Composer Gaston Lyle (1867)
Lyrics Gaston Leybourne (1867)
Singer kör (busspassagerarna)


Academy Award of Merit Hollywood 1934 (bästa film)

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Element type Print
Item base Acetate
Gauge 35 mm
Length 2867

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Script type Dialoglista
Language Engelska

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Black and white print SET
Slides 2
Album No

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Type Program/Promotion material

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