New features in the new database

First-time visitor or veteran? Whether you’re here every day or have just found us, welcome to the new, improved version of the Swedish Film Database. There’s a lot of exciting information to discover.

First off, a word of reassurance to veterans of the Swedish Film Database: all the information in the old version is still here, even though the re-launched version does look quite different. All the films, names and companies, and all their details, are still here. We’ve also added some brand new details and new materials relating to Swedish film. And it’s now easier to find what you’re looking for with our new search tool. We hope and trust you’ll love the new Swedish Film Database!

New design – visit us from a computer, tablet or smartphone

The Swedish Film Database now has a completely new appearance – and it’s been adapted for smartphones! The idea behind the new design is to make the website more functional and easier to navigate, whether you’re on a computer, tablet or phone. For instance the search field is now universal and can be found at the top of the page, wherever you are on the website. You’ll also find a general table of contents for each film and name record, which means finding the information you’re looking for has never been easier. We’ve also made the site a bit more colourful.

Simpler, more powerful search function

Searching the Swedish Film Database is now easier. You no longer need to specify whether you’re searching for a film or a name, but can write what you’re looking for directly in the search field. The tool will then automatically filter your search in the quick search menu. You can also sort and filter the hits to optimise your search results. Furthermore, the search function is now spelling-tolerant, which means you can find what you’re looking for even if you’re unsure of how to spell a name or film title. Bonus tip: try clicking one of the icons on the start page.

New content – articles

The Swedish Film Database is no longer just a database. Now you can also read articles by culture journalists, film experts and Swedish Film Institute experts, who address subjects related to Swedish film in some way. The aim is to offer interesting, entertaining new information about every conceivable aspect of Swedish film, while also providing exciting new gateways into the database.

New content – our collections

We’re also introducing new content from our collections. In addition to the existing details about cast and crew, awards and filming locations, each record now also has information about our archival collections, i.e. whether the Swedish Film Institute has materials relating to the film. This includes everything from the number of film copies in our archive, to posters, stills, scripts, programmes and other printed matter. Keep an eye out for the pink modules headed collections!

New content – more images

The new version of the Swedish Film Database contains more images than before. We have added thousands of new images that were not previously available in the database. For instance you can find posters, stills and personal portraits – and not only in the film records, but in the name records too. We will continuously be adding more images, both for new films and older titles.

Little extras

Other exciting new extras include tips on where to see or buy the film using the see film button at the top right of each film page. We’ve also added suggestions for other films related to the current name or title. Moreover, we have now highlighted a detail that used to be less obvious: press reactions and Swedish critics’ reviews from the time the film was released.

Have your say

Developing the Swedish Film Database is a constantly ongoing process. Please let us know your thoughts about the new website so we can make it as accurate and useful as possible.

Report errors, faults and gaps

We have also made it easier to report errors and faults. If you discover any problems, errors or gaps in the information, please report them using the form at the bottom of the relevant page – that way, we automatically know which web page the issue relates to..

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