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Other manifestations of this work

Basic facts


Original title
Alternative title
Episode title


Director of Photography
Production Designer
Film Editor
Production Mixer
Executive Producer
Production Coordinator
Production Assistant
Sound Editor
Re-recording Mixer


Jakob Cedergren kriminalinspektör Thomas Andreasson
Alexandra Rapaport Nora Linde
Jonas Malmsjö Henrik Linde
Sofia Pekkari Carina Persson
Anki Lidén Margit Grankvist
Harriet Andersson Signe Brandt
Lars Amble Harald Linde
Louise Edlind Monica Linde
Bengt C.W. Carlsson Lidwall, polis
Andreas Kundler Jonny
Tore Persson Blom, polis
Lasse Petterson Krister
Anders Sparring Krister
Eva Stellby Ellen
Kave Foladi kriminaltekniker 1
Petter Sandzén kriminaltekniker 2


Production company Filmlance International AB

Technical specifications

Length in minutes 152 min

Original work

Original title I de lugnaste vatten (Novel)
Author Viveca Sten

Production location

Sandhamn Sweden 2009-08-10 2009-09
Stockholm Sweden

Release dates

TV showing 2010-12-20 TV4 Sweden (del 1)
2010-12-21 TV4 Sweden (del 2)
2010-12-22 TV4 Sweden (del 3)
2015-06-21 TV4
2019-05-01 Sjuan Sweden

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