About the Swedish Film Database

The Swedish Film Database is the film database of the Swedish Film Institute. You can use it to search for information about all Swedish feature-length films released at the cinema since the first Swedish film in 1897.

There is also information about foreign feature films that have been distributed in Sweden, mainly in cinemas, as well as many Swedish shorts, documentaries and TV films.

All in all the Swedish Film Database includes over 90,000 titles – around a quarter of them Swedish – as well as records for more than 365,000 persons who were involved in their creation in some way: directors, screenwriters, actors and so on. In addition there are details of companies, original works and musical works used in films, as well as editorial material in the form of biographies and articles with exciting new gateways into Swedish film.

Not just any film database

The Swedish Film Database includes information you won’t find in other databases. For instance, the Swedish-language records for the Swedish feature films include summaries of press reactions, from 1897 to the present day. Many of the Swedish feature film records come with detailed plot outlines, and from 2007 an average rating from various (at least five) Swedish media reviews is given, converted to a scale of 0-5. We also give these ratings for foreign films distributed in Sweden after 2012.

The Swedish Film Database can help you find the correct Swedish titles of foreign films, something that is not always easy to find elsewhere.

The film records also contain information about the Swedish Film Institute’s archival collections, i.e. the material we have related to each film. This includes everything from the number of film prints in our archive, to posters, stills, scripts, programmes and other printed matter.


Many of the records in the Swedish Film Database include stills and posters from our collections. There are also stills included in  many of the person records in the database. We will continuously be adding more images, both for new films and retroactively for existing records.


Articles is a new feature since the 2017 re-launch of the Swedish Film Database. In the articles, a writer addresses a subject related to the Swedish film heritage in some way. Each article comes with a list of films or people that link in to the records in the database. The aim is to offer interesting, entertaining information about every conceivable aspect of Swedish film, while also providing exciting new gateways into the database. The articles are written by culture journalists and film experts, as well as editorial staff at the Swedish Film Institute.


Our search function is meant to be at the same time both simple and powerful. As you start writing in the search box the system will automatically filter your search in the quick search menu appearing directly below. But you can also press the Enter key to make a full search resulting in a longer list of hits. You may then sort and filter the hits to optimise your search results. Furthermore, the search function is now spelling-tolerant, which means you hopefully can find what you’re looking for even if you’re unsure of how to spell it.

Cinema releases and films in production

If you would like to know when a film will be released – or was released – at Swedish cinemas, you can check the Swedish Cinema Releases list, and the Film in Production list shows you which new Swedish films are currently being made. You will find both lists in the menu at the top left.

Content in Swedish and English

The Swedish Film Database is a bilingual online service in Swedish and English. The information in Swedish is more comprehensive, especially as regards plot outlines and Swedish press reactions, but non-Swedish speakers can still access large parts of the database’s content as headings and other key terms have been translated. You can switch languages in the menu at the top left.

We don’t sell film

The Swedish Film Database is a database of filmographic data, and we are unfortunately unable to inform you which films are available to buy, rent or stream.

Contact us

The Swedish Film Database strives to be as accurate and fault-free as possible. If you notice an error or a fault, please let us know! You can do this using the form at the bottom of the relevant page – that way, we automatically know which film, person or company the issue relates to.




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