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Basic facts

Original title Clash by Night
Film type Feature
Category Fiction
Original work
Production country
Production company
Classification Allowed from age 15
Swedish release 1952-08-04


Barbara Stanwyck
Mae Doyle D'Amato

Paul Douglas
Jerry D'Amato

Robert Ryan
Earl Pfeiffer

J. Carrol Naish
farbror Vince

Keith Andes
Joe Doyle

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Original title
Swedish release title


Director of Photography
Production Designer
Film Editor
Production Mixer
Assistant Director
Unit Manager
Special Photographic Effects
Musical Director
Set Decorator
Costume Designer
Make-up Supervisor
Hair Stylist


Barbara Stanwyck Mae Doyle D'Amato
Paul Douglas Jerry D'Amato
Robert Ryan Earl Pfeiffer
Marilyn Monroe Peggy
J. Carrol Naish farbror Vince
Keith Andes Joe Doyle
Silvio Minciotti Papa D'Amato
Tony Martin sångare till "I Hear a Rhapsody" (endast röst)
- Ej krediterade:
Diane Stewart Gloria D'Amato
Deborah Stewart Gloria D'Amato
Nancy Duke gäst
Sally Yarnell gäst
Irene Crosby gäst
Helen Hansen gäst
Dan Bernaducci gäst
Dick Coe gäst
Al Cavens gäst
Julius Tannen bedrövad kypare
Bert Stevens bartender
Mario Siletti bartender
William Bailey kypare
Bill Slack kund
Art Dupuis kund
Frank Kreig Art
Tony Dante fiskaren i hamnen
Roy D'Armour en man
Gilbert Frye en man


Production company Wald-Krasna Productions Inc.
RKO Radio Pictures Inc.
Copyright Wald-Krasna Productions Inc. 1952-05-28 (LP1766)
Distributor in Sweden (35 mm) RKO Radio Films AB 1952

Swedish censorship / rating

Censorship number 80824
Date 1952-07-30
Classification Allowed from age 15
Original length 2865 meters

Technical specifications

Aspect ratio 1.37:1
Sound type Sound
Sound system RCA Sound System
Colour type Black and white
Width 35 mm
Length in metres 2875 meter
Length in minutes 105 min
Reels 11 rullar

Original work

Original title Clash by Night (Play)
Author Clifford Odets

Production location

(kompletteringar i början av januari) 1952-01 1952-01
1951-10-08 1951-12
Monterey, Kalifornien USA
San Pedro, Kalifornien USA

Release dates

Release in Sweden 1952-08-04 Röda Kvarn Stockholm Sweden 105 min
First showing 1952-06-16 Los Angeles, Kalifornien USA 105 min
Other showing 1952-06-18 New York City, New York USA 105 min
Cinematheque screening 2017-02-04 Filmhuset Stockholm Sweden

Soundtrack listing

Original title I Hear a Rhapsody
By Jack Baker
Dick Gasparre
George Fragos
Singer Tony Martin

Original title Don't Cry
Composer Sunny Skylar

Holdings Posters

Size Between 850 x 700 and 850 x 1100

Size Less than 850 x 400

Holdings Scripts

Script type Cutting continuity
Language English

Holdings Stills

Black and white print SET
Album No

Holdings Promotion materials

Type Program/Promotion material

Type Program folio

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