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Other manifestations of this work

Basic facts


Original title
Title for Swedish Video release


Production Manager
Project Coordinator
Director of Photography
Production Designer
Film Editor
Production Mixer
Sound Design
Assistant Director
Script Supervisor
Special Effects
Executive Producer
Unit Manager
Post Production Supervisor
Camera Operator
Second Assistant Cameraman
Still Photographer
Assistant Cameraman
Steadicam Operator
Best Boy
Assistant Property Master
Make-up Supervisor
Hair Stylist
Construction Coordinator
Sound Assistant
Sound Editor
Re-recording Mixer
Other Crew


Johan Rheborg Kenny Starfighter
Johan Stattin Markus
Josefin Edvardsson Sofia
Gabriel Hermelin Tyrone
Linus Samuelsson Burken
Måns Westfelt överste Heinz, doktor Deo
Lakke Magnusson biologiläraren
Thomas Di Leva musikläraren
Sten Ljunggren rektorn
Gunilla Paulsen Mona
Sten Elfström polis
Emma Hanfot Jacqueline
Camilla Henemark sjuksköterska
Benny Haag tysklärare
Lars Hansson man på bensinmack
Magnus Ankarman Johnny Skywatch
Jonas Inde Billy Bolero
Henric Jonsson Billy Balonga
Mats Lindberg Lord af Konrad
Pontus Löwenhielm Lonny Lowlife
Magnus Wikman Fatso Butt
Carl Åstrand Lenny Fartrider


Production company Sveriges Television AB
Distributor in Sweden (Video) SF Video 1998
Distributor in Sweden (buy video) SF Video 1998
Digital Work and Adaptation Frithiof Film to Video AB (digital ljussättning)
Sound Effects Arclight AB
Graphics Acne Film AB
Caterer Här kommer Pierre AB
Other Company sto.pp (Stockholm Postproduction AB) (efterproduktion)

Release dates

Video release 1998-02 Sweden 161 min
TV showing 1997 SVT2 Sweden
2001-12-08 SVT2 Sweden (reprisstart, del 1 av 6)

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