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Other manifestations of this work

Basic facts


Svensk premiärtitel
Distribution title
Working title


Production Manager
Director of Photography
Production Designer
Film Editor
Production Mixer
Script Supervisor
Associate Producer
Legally responsible
Production Assistant
Location Scout
Film Commissioner
Post Production Supervisor
First Assistant Cameraman
Best Boy
Key Grip
Costume Designer
Make-up / Hair
Assistant Costume Designer
Sound Editor
Other Crew
Thanks to


Lena B. Eriksson Diana
Peter Engman Tommy
Josefin Ejderstav Lina, 9 år, Dianas och Tommys dotter


Produktionsbolag MovieTime Stockholm AB (i samproduktion med)
Film i Väst AB
Sveriges Television AB. SVT Väst (Drama)
Planning allocations Stiftelsen Svenska Filminstitutet 2004
Laboratory FilmTeknik AB
Equipment CineStar Rental AB
Graphics Kashihamabe
Insurance Trygg-Hansa
Other Company sto.pp (Stockholm Postproduction AB)
Smietanka i Syn Digital Lab (tape-to-film)

Technical specifications

Colour type Colour
Frames per second 24
Length in metres 220 meter
Length in minutes 8 min
Reels 1 rullar

Release dates

Festival showing 2005-02-05 Folkan Göteborg Sweden 8 min
Other showing 2005-03-10 Bio Victor, Filmhuset Stockholm Sweden 8 min
TV showing 2005-08-30 SVT2 Sweden 8 min

Soundtrack listing

Original title Dance on Your Grave
Composer Louise Hoffsten
Lyrics Louise Hoffsten
Singer Louise Hoffsten

Holdings Scripts

Script type Dialoglista
Script title Dialogue list. En god dag / A good day.
Extent 5 s.
Language English

Script type Synopsis
Script title A good day
Extent 1 s.
Language English

Script type Dialoglista
Script title Dialoglista En god dag.
Extent 4 s. + 6 s. för- och eftertext, musiklista och produktionsuppgifter.
Language Swedish

Script type Inspelningsmanus
Script title En god dag. Av: Per Hanefjord. Version 2 2004-06-08. Fritt efter en novell av: Jan Sigurd.
Extent 11 s. + 2 s. regissörens intention.
Language Swedish

Script type Synopsis
Script title Kortfilmen En god dag. Synopsis.
Extent 1 s.
Language Swedish

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