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Other manifestations of this work

Basic facts


Original title
Title alternative spelling
Title for Swedish DVD release


Line Producer
Director of Photography
Production Designer
Film Editor
Production Mixer
Stunt Coordinator
Associate Producer
Executive Producer
Production Coordinator
Location Manager
Production Assistant
Craft service
First Assistant Cameraman
Second Assistant Cameraman
Still Photographer
Steadicam Operator
Best Boy
Music Coordinator
Assistant Property Master
Costume Designer
Construction Coordinator
Costume Assistant
Weapons Coordinator
Assistant Film Editor
Re-recording Mixer


Krister Henriksson Kurt Wallander
Johanna Sällström Linda Wallander
Ola Rapace Stefan Lindman
Marianne Mörck Ebba
Mats Bergman Nyberg
Thomas W. Gabrielsson Robert Thuresson
Fredrik Gunnarson Svartman
Chatarina Larsson Lisa Holgersson
Angela Kovács Ann-Britt Höglund
Stina Ekblad Karin Linder
Cecilia Nilsson Anja
Göran Aronsson Grönqvist
Inga Edwards Anita Thuresson
Emilie Strandberg Malin Persson
Robin Ellis Tom Lynell
Puk Scharbau Lisa
Peter Luckhaus Gullhjelm
Mathias Johansson vårdare
Boel Larsson bekant till Anja
Hassan Hadi Ibrahim
Per Lundström Bertil Durell
Maria Tornberg Sara Lyell
Goran Kapetanović taxichaufför
Mattias Malmgren pressfotograf
Monica Lindroth receptionist
Vilko Radan städare
Isidor Torkar uppassare


Production company Yellow Bird Films AB
Co-Production Company AB Svensk Filmindustri
Distributor in Sweden (DVD) SF Home Entertainment 2006

Release dates

DVD release (rental) 2006-05-10 Sweden
DVD release (buy) 2006-05-10 Sweden
TV showing 2008-03-24 TV4 Sweden
DVD release 2006-11-08 Sweden
TV showing 2010-04-11 TV4 Sweden
2012-07-09 TV4 Sweden
2018-05-07 TV4 Film Sweden
2018-09-03 TV4 Film Sweden
2018-12-24 TV4 Film Sweden
2019-09-09 TV4 Film Sweden
2020-02-19 Sjuan Sweden
2019-04-01 TV4 Film Sweden

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